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This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

What is love? Of course, it is a strong feeling, but the fact is, that the term love offers a lot of room for different interpretations and definitions. Are only humans able to feel this emotion or are our beloved cats also able to “love”? So what are the things that cats love? Sure, every cat is an individual, but there are many similarities, which are “loved” by most cats to the same extent.

Can cats love?

First the question: What is love? Love is a strong and overwhelming feeling that can drive us out of our minds. Love is a state of perfect happiness and can motivate us to selfless deeds. It knows no boundaries, no age, no ethnicity. Love is simply the engine of life. And no matter what we call this state, every living being is a sentient creature with individual needs and tastes.

Why should it be different with our cats? They are not aware of how to spell love or that there is even a term for it, but they can definitely feel it. And for the sceptics among us: Yes, the cuddling hormone “oxytocin”, the so-called “hormone of love”, is also demonstrably released in cats when they cuddle, play or something similar with their owners.

But what are the things that warm cats’ hearts? In the following the top 10 are summarized, although the ranking of course varies from cat to cat.

The Top 10 in the life of a cat:

❤ Feed and Snacks:

Obviously, some of the most beautiful things are treats and co. Some are small gourmets and prefer extravagant treats, some house cats put less emphasis on the quality of the food but more on the quantity. Do you spontaneously think about the greedy Garfield, who is on the verge of starvation at least twice a day? But be careful, not everything that seems appetizing for our house cats is good for them. Some are poisonous or make them fat. Also cats like to drink from running water. 

❤ Sleep and lazing around:

Definitely at the top of the rankings in a cat’s life. After extensive exploration tours or an exciting game or climbing unit, our pets need a rest. Our cats can sleep for up to 18 hours per day. 

❤ Play and fun:

Did you know that cats are one of the few species of animals that can motivate themselves to play even at an advanced age? Playing behaviour of cats. You can look up everything you need to know about how to play with a cat correctly here: Playing correctly with cats. If the battered fur mouse loses its appeal as an object of desire or if you are looking for toys that are appropriate for the species, then take a look at the TOBALIEs online shop.

❤ To use one’s wits:

Not only the body wants to be activated, but also the clever little head of our graceful roommates wants to be occupied extensively. Many cats love and need a mental activity to be ideally utilized and love to learn. In addition, it does us humans and the human-animal relationship also very well. Joint activities promote bonding and closeness. How about home-made cat toys, for example?

Green Rubin - Katzenangel

Die nachhaltige und langlebige Katzenangel aus Sisal und Holz.

❤ Straying tours:

Cats love to go stalking and roam their territory, but are outdoor cats happier? Even indoor cats can satisfy their curiosity by showing them something new from time to time or by going for a walk with them. 

❤ Cuddle units:

Many cats enjoy any kind of touch and attention. Some cats are true “cuddle machines” and want to cuddle around the clock. Other conspecifics are rather sparing with their proofs of love. It is important to respect the individual need for closeness and distance. 

❤ Fur- and body care:

Cats are very clean and vain creatures. They spend a lot of time cleaning and grooming themselves. With their rough tongue they can remove dead hairs, for example. But this is usually not always enough. A regular coat care on the part of the cat parents is recommended. Also the ear, claw and tooth care should not be neglected in our cats.

❤ Climbing and observe:

There are probably cats, which do not like to climb and observe, but this will be rather the exception. Cats usually love to hang around on higher places and check the situation. Therefore, there should always be a possibility for your cat to climb up somewhere in your own home ( a high scratching post, climbing walls, etc.) Our house cats are also happy about a balcony, but be careful that your pet does not fall.

❤ Boxes and Co:

Boxes, cartons, caves, cats like to sit in the narrow “rooms” and seem to be completely relaxed. Nothing makes a cat happier, than a simple box. This is also sometimes gladly integrated into a wild game. 

❤ Hunting:

Cats are born hunters. Do you have questions regarding the hunting instinct of cats? Take a look here: Little hunters, big hunters. And don’t be shocked if your darling once puts a “gift” in front of your door. A bit bizarre, but a dead mouse in front of your door means, that your cat loves you more than anything else.

Katze beim Jagen liegt auf der Lauer


Every cat is an individual with different needs and preferences, but there are countless things that are loved by many house cats. The top 10 most cherished things of cats is only a beginning. On place 1, that is quite certain, is the untouchable and perfect love between human and pet.