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Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

In our success-oriented society we often put pressure on ourselves to be perfect. We are afraid of what others think about us if not everything runs smoothly. We also have high expectations of our dogs, some of which they are not able to meet. So it is important to get back into the feeling, to let out the pressure and to have fun together. Keeping dogs is a responsible task, but it can and should also be fun.

Why dog ownership pressures?

Nowadays we are surrounded by a jungle of information. We get tips from books, the Internet, television and from people in person. We get the feeling that we have to do everything right and keep the dog properly exercised. 

Far too often we try to do everything perfectly and go beyond our limits (mentally & physically). Likewise, our dogs are often overwhelmed in the process. In the digital world, it often seems that influencers have the “perfect” dog. Everything seems so easy and we want to be like them. But the problems or unpleasant sides are simply not shared. This creates the pressure to be perfect, even though our role models certainly have their difficulties as well.

Another point is that unfortunately many dog owners criticize others when they make mistakes (from their point of view) instead of paying attention to themselves. One then tries to implement the often contrary info and feedbacks without really knowing what is true.

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What can I do about the pressure in keeping dogs?

Of course, your dog’s needs must be respected, but take it down a notch. Your dog doesn’t need a schedule without breaks. He won’t be unhappy because you don’t feel like walking or training for hours one day.

Try to be mindful with yourself and your dog. Pay attention to how you are feeling and how your dog is feeling during the day. If both of you are doing well, a lot can be done. If one has a bad day, more rest is called for.

Do I have to train my dog every day in order for him to learn something?

If you want to teach your dog something, it must be practiced, of course. How often and how long you have to train depends on you and your dog. You can take care to be understandable for your dog, so that he understands more easily what you want.

With your dog, it depends on several factors. If your dog has never learned to learn, he may take longer to understand. Also, if a behavior has already been learned “wrong,” be patient until it is relearned. Temperament also plays a role. There are four-legged friends who like to learn and others who prefer to do their thing.

The more often the desired behavior is practiced, the more likely your dog will exhibit it. To anchor something new, your dog needs a lot of rest. That’s why you don’t have to overdo it with training. Even with break days your darling learns fast enough. So sit back in between and make a comfortable day.

How can I have fun with dog keeping?

Living with a dog is beautiful and enriching. Of course, it is also work, but it should be fun for the most part. Everyday life should be as relaxed and enjoyable as possible for both parties.

Most dog owners have a good relationship with their own dog. Here it is again a bit more to listen to your own gut feeling and not stubbornly want to enforce everything you have heard or read somewhere.

Think about what is really important to YOU in living together. What rules you want to enforce and what your dog actually has to be able to do in order to get along well in your everyday life.

Everything else is secondary. If you and your dog feel like it, you can gradually try out new things. But everything with moderation and aim and above all without pressure.

Spaß an der Hundehaltung


Too much of a good thing is not beneficial for you and your dog in the long run. Keeping a dog can also be fun. You don’t have to be perfect, just be there for your dog and get along in your everyday life. Listen to your inner voice and reject the information from the outside before you implement it. Have fun with your darling.