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You live alone, have a full-time job and still have the desire for a beloved dog, who welcomes you at home wagging his tail? How can you satisfy the needs of a dog, despite a full-time job? Job and dog, is that possible?

Is it possible to have a job and a dog?

Opinions differ greatly on the question “job and dog? There are some who think that it is an absolute no-go to get a dog despite having a full-time job. The reason for this is in any case understandable. Dogs have many different needs that have to be satisfy in a species-appropriate way. But the career does not necessarily have to be a knockout criterion. 

Under certain conditions the wish for a dog can be fulfilled nevertheless.

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What should you pay attention to if the dog is not allowed to go to work with you?

If you are considering adoption, there are a few things you should be aware of and take some precautions. Under certain conditions, the daily routine with the dog will work out fine.

  • No puppy: Please do not take a puppy, because they need a lot of care and attention, especially at the beginning. Until about 6 months the puppy should generally be left alone very little or only for a short time. Only after that, depending on the maturity of the dog, you can start to slowly increase the time span.
  • Do not leave the dog alone for too long: A guideline says that dogs, as social creatures in general, should not be left alone for more than 4 hours. If you take an adult dog, it would be advisable to take a vacation for about 2 weeks. 
  • Training: Being alone must be trained step by step!
  • Care: If you are at work longer, get a reliable dog care. This can be from your family or friends, but also professional dog day care centers or dog sitters can look after your darling while you are at work. 
  • Satisfy their needs: Despite the job, the most important needs must be complying. Fresh water and food, go for a walk, cuddling and playing units.
  • Various aids: There are devices that have a camera and a feeder built in. With these you can “phone” your darling at any time and send treats at the push of a button. No replacement but a nice gadget to see how your darling is doing at home.
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Office dogs provide a good working atmosphere

If you are in the lucky position of being able to take your future best friend with you to the office, it is only to the benefit of all involved. Your dog is not alone during the day, you can take care of him regularly and your colleagues would demonstrably benefit as well. It has been proven that having a dog in the office lifts your spirits, reduces stress and boosts work motivation. With these arguments you could also try to convince your boss :).

Of course, not all dogs are equally suitable for the office routine. A friendly and obedient dog is of course better seen than a naughty and cheeky dog who growls at your colleagues and regularly steals their lunch. In this case you should contact a trainer

You can find more about office dogs here.

Couchpotatos, no thanks.

If you come home after a hard day at work and would like to lie down on the couch to rest, then a dog is probably not for you. You have to be aware that your pet wants to go for a walk several times a day, to let off steam, play with other dogs, cuddle and do his business.

In general, your free time should belong as much as possible to your beloved friend, because if you live alone, you are essential for him. Excursions on weekends, vacations together and regular exciting activities inspire and fulfill not only our furry noses.

Important: Regularity is what counts. Your pet wants to be taken out several times a day. You can take longer and bigger trips on the weekends, but during the working week it is not appropriate to walk the dog around the block for 5 minutes. Before and after work (depending on breed, age, health, etc.) you should plan at least 30 minutes for a walk. Enter your activities in the pet profile.

Alterative dog sitter

If you cannot take your dog to the office with you or cannot keep him busy enough, it is recommended to hire a professional and trustworthy dog sitter. Asking friends, neighbors and family is popular and you will probably find what you are looking for quickly, but in most cases it is not a permanent solution. Here often times the competence is missing (example: dog walking license for list dogs), the readiness of regularity and you makes yourself probably in the long run quite unpopular.  How do you find a good sitter? We have already written an article about this. You can read the article here

Dogsharing would also be an alternative. Here you share the “custody” with all the obligations that come with it. But dogs need a structure and routines, so you should get along well with everyone involved.

Share your pet profile with caring persons, so that they have all important infos in an emergency.

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Job and dog can be combined if certain conditions are met. Dogs have needs that need to be comply regularly. So if certain things are taken into account and precautions are taken, then nothing stands in the way of adoption despite full-time job.