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Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

So that your beloved dog can feel completely at home, you should try to furnish your flat or house species-appropriately. Sometimes it can help to look at your own four walls through the eyes of your fur nose. Dog’s eyes see our world a little differently. What do our little friends need so that they don’t miss anything in our world?

Social interaction is one of the most important points for dogs. In addition to caring attention, regular stroking an long cuddling sessions, its also important to play together to strengthen your relationship. But also the contact to other dogs, humans and other creatures is vital for your four-legged friend.

What does a dog need in principle?

Of course there is no “recipe” to make a dog happy, because every dog has different needs and preferences. But what you can say is that every dog has the same basic needs:

  • Species-appropriate food, fresh water
  • Enough possibilities to go to the toilet, run out and sniff
  • Resting places and retreat areas
  • Species-appropriate occupation (physical as well as mental)
  • Protective measures according to the animal protection law (e.g. chip, poisonous, open windows, …)
  • Regular inspections by the veterinarian
  • Your affection and love
  • Body and coat care (especially when changing coat or long-haired specimens you should brush)
  • Satisfy curiosity (walks, games, …)
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Home-tips for happy dogs at there dog home

  • Cosy sleeping places: Allow your dog to choose its place to sleep by himself and make it a homely retreat. Whether your fur nose prefers soft, hard, raised places or hidy-holes for sleeping, you’ll have to test it out. It is important to leave him alone in his save place.
  • Dog run: The duration and length depends on age, state of health, size and preferences. The frequency with which a dog has to go to the toilet varies, but you should take him outside every 4 hours at the latest. The walk is also about maintaining social contacts, sniffing extensively (“reading the newspaper”) and getting physical power.
  • Safety: Your dog must be able to rely on you. Do not put your friend in uncomfortable situations but show him that he can come to you anytime if he is unsure. Give your darling enough space in your home and make up clear rules. Today you are not allowed on the sofa tomorrow, your darling cannot understand. Think about which things are important to you and stay consistent in them. 
  • Help your four-legged friend to learn new things and promote his talents. The more self-confident and balanced your dog is, the happier he will be. Whether it’s search games, learning tricks, dummy training or whatever else your dog likes to do, the only important thing is to keep him mentally occupied so that his grey cells don’t rust and he doesn’t look for a job himself.
  • Surprise your dog with new game ideas and use the whole apartment for playing. Don’t leave the toys everywhere, but keep them in a seperate box. Everything that is new is interesting. The main thing is that it stays exciting. Especially when you go out, you should leave behind a job for your darling. Sniffing carpets, burrow boxes and hidden treats are great fun for dogs on their own.
  • You shouldn’t leave your treasure alone too long, otherwise your pal could quickly feel abandoned  and lonely. Above all, dogs are very social animals that need a caregiver.
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A well cared for dog is a happy dog. To make sure that your darling feels all time well, you should consider him as an equal roommate. You must never forget that you bear great responsibility for your buddy. Make your treasure happy by offering him a safe and clean home and respect his wishes. If you keep his needs in mind, nothing stands in the way of a harmonious flat-sharing partnership.