This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Petra Albrecht - Katzenberatung

If you want that your beloved cats can feel completely cosy in your flat or house, you should try to furnish your home species-appropriately. Sometimes it can be helpful to look at your own four walls through the eyes of your cat. Cat’s eyes see our world a little differently. What do our cuddly friends need so they don’t miss anything in our world? And what should be considered in a multi-cat household?

What does a cat need in principle?

Of course there is no “recipe” to make a cat happy, because every cat has different needs and preferences. But what can be said is that every cat has the same basic needs:

  • Species-appropriate food an water, cat grass
  • Suitable litter boxes in appropriate number and condition
  • Resting places and retreat areas
  • Species-appropriate occupation (physical as well as mental)
  • Protective precautions according to the animal protection law (e.g. cat lattice, chip, windows never tilt, poisonous,…)
  • Regular inspections by the veterinarian
  • Affection and love from you
  • Body and coat care (cats are very clean, especially in the change of coat or longhaired specimens you should brush)
  • Satisfy curiosity (walks, rooms that are not always accessible, …)

All these factors and the consideration of all requirements of a cat, lead to a harmonious together between human and pet. If there are problems e.g. concerning the behaviour (marking objects etc.) it may be because one or more needs of your cat are not satisfied. The cat’s body language tells us a lot, but body language is often misunderstood.

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A nice place to live – tips for happy house-cats

  • A decent cat tree is one of the most important entertainment equipment for house tigers. Above all, it should be stable. In addition, extra climbing possibilities offer welcome variety. You don’t necessarily have to build expensive climbing gardens: Cleverly placed shelves and other living modules can create imaginative and ingenious climbing paradises. Please always pay attention to the safety of your velvet paw and make sure that there are stable jump-off points and landing facilities.
  • Unusual sleeping places: Allow your cat to take a nap in unusual places. She will soon have chosen the most different and funny sleeping places next to your favourite place. Whether in the bookshelf, under the bed, on the sound system or in the bathtub, give your darling the fun and freedom to take her nap wherever she wants.
  • The litter box or litter trays should be in a quiet place and always kept clean.
  • Food and water bowls should be placed in different places. The cat does not like to eat next to its water so as not to contaminate it.
  • Regular place at the window: Set up an exclusive and easily accessible place at the window for your darling. Cats love to enjoy the view and observe the outside world for hours. If you have a balcony, arrange it according to the needs of your cat.
  • Stimulate the cat’s senses: Your darling should come into contact with many different stimuli to stay excited. Different scents, sounds and toys from naturally occurring substances stimulate the senses of your little friend. You can also surprise your darling with little green oases: From catnip to mini lawn for the window sill: There are numerous ways to bring a piece of nature into your living room.
  • Water games: If they don’t have to swim in it, many cats love water. Let your cat drink from running water, provide a cat fountain or let your darling splash in low water. Bengal cats even legally need a water basin.
  • Surprise your cats with new game ideas and use the whole apartment for playing. Don’t leave the toys everywhere, but keep them in a seperate box. Everything that rings, rustles or moves is interesting. The main thing is that it remains exciting and new. Especially when you leave the house, you should leave behind an activity for your cat. Fumbling boards, burrow boxes and hidden treats are great fun for cats on their own.

Cat home in Multi-cat household

More cats doesn’t mean less work for you. It is a misbelief that many cats can employ themselves all alone. Of course, they are busy with each other, but they need your attention and interaction as well. Especially flat cats always need new input.

Accordingly, in an multi-cat household every individual need should be considered. This can be a challenge, but only with lots of care a harmonious co-residence is possible. In fact most cats feel more at ease with other peers around and love to interact with them.

Like humans, our cats differ in their preferences and characters, but also in their everyday routines. Therefore there should be always enough room to evade.

This means that every feline roommate would be happy to have an individual place to retreat within their own four walls. This should also be available if you expect friends to come to visit. Some cats are a bit jumpy and not used to rushing parties. Climbing walls are particularly suitable for this. For the sight and scent markings are high, stable scratch trees and scratch boards (made of cardboard) recommended, these give the cat a piece of security. High, stable scratching trees can also be easily integrated into catwalks, as can one or two pieces of furniture.

In any case, each cat should have its own cat box and feeding bowl, which should be cleaned every day. The right choice of food places (water and food should never stand next to each other) and litter boxes: (number: always one more than cats in the household), condition (usually those without a roof are preferred, since a cat likes to do business keeping an eye on its environment), right litter (enough to dig), location (quiet place with escape possibility in several directions) complete the feel-good home of the cat(s).

Species-appropriate cat toys provide a relaxing balance, as they can act out their innate play instinct. And never forget, cats are smarter than you might think. Every kind of mental activity is not only healthy and relaxing, the Fun-Factor is also huge and strengthens your relationship.

If you have any problems with your cats, for example in a district fight, you are welcome to contact a trainer.

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A well cared for cat is a happy cat. So that your darling feels good, you should consider him as an equal roommate. You must never forget that you bear great responsibility for your buddy. Make your cat happy by offering her a safe and clean home and respecting her wishes. If you consider the individual demands of each velvet paw and keep an eye on the basic needs, then nothing crosses the way of a harmonious flat-sharing community. In any case patience and love is the key.