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Happy Easter. Especially on Easter we humans enjoy hiding and finding easter nests, but as pet owners we have to be very careful, because our dogs and cats are true masters in finding chocolate and this can become a danger. How to have nice easter with dog.

Tips for a happy easter with dog

First and foremost, you should make sure that your pet can’t get to an easter basket. For dogs we recommend hiding places that are higher up, for cats we recommend hiding places that can be closed, for example in cupboards. Not all pets are used to parties and co. Some are quite bothered by the loud noise, so you should always consider the welfare of your pet when planning your party. Also the easter decoration should be out of reach, because small parts can be swallowed. Eastereggs can cause flatulence, but plastic eggs should be used with caution.  When planting in the garden, it should also be remembered that lilies of the valley and daffodils, for example, are poisonous to our furried friends.

If your animal behaves differently than usual., you should go to the vet, because perhaps your darling has eaten something forbidden.

Easterbasket for your dog

Of course you can prepare an easterbasket especially for your dog, which he/she can then search on your command. You could hide goodies or toys in it for example. It’s fun for everyone, because what would easter be without something to search?

Your dog may also eat an Easter egg. If your dog does not know eggs, you should give him only a small piece and see if he tolerates it well.

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History of the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny belongs to Easter, because he hides the eggs, doesn’t he?

At Easter, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The rabbit is a symbol for new life and fertility, because they have many babies. Due to the bunny searching for food, he came closer to gardens at springtime. The children often see a rabbit during the Easter search and assumed that he hid the eggs.

Ostern mit Hund


Easter is especially popular with children when the easter bunny hides nests. Our four-legged friends also enjoy the great things you can find. Among the prohibited foods for dogs is chocolate. Note a few points, easter with dog is sure to be a great celebration for the whole family! In any case, TOBALIE wishes you happy easter and an exciting basket search.