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Katzen-artig, Coaching für Katzen und ihre Menschen

This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Katzen-artig, Coaching für Katzen und ihre Menschen

In the cold season cats are looking for specific warm places around the house. Even enthusiastic outdoor cats become cosy house tigers in wintertime to spend especially cuddly cat christmas.

The perfect place to cuddle

Cats need a lot of sleep. On dark winter days it even seems as if the velvet paws are asleep all the time. Sufficiently quiet sleeping- and retreat places are therefore a must in every cat household. Especially in the cold season, your treasure will love to try varied resting oases for relaxing and dozing. Every cat has its preferences, but lying areas close to a heat source are particularly popular. Together you can test out different possibilities and find the ideal cosy nest for your darling:

  • Various models of cosy caves offer a welcome place to hide and snuggle up. 
  • Hammocks (the view from elevated places is especially fun for your darling. But make sure that your treasure has a secure grip when climbing up and down). 
  • Snuggle carpets are an absolute highlight. 
  • A viewing point at the window remains exciting for cats even in winter: To keep it pleasantly warm, the window sills can be covered with blankets. 
  • Heating loungers can easily be attached to a radiator and take up very little space. So you can give your velvet paw a special treat even in a small apartment. 
  • If you have a fireplace, it will also be gladly accepted…
  • …So will be all other places where it is warm and cosy

If your darling spends usually a lot of time outdoors, they can quickly get bored inside the house. That’s why you should always try new and exciting games with your cats between their resting periods.

Cat-friendly Christmas decorations

To give your treasure a cat-friendly Christmas, there are some important things to consider. Be careful about the choice of your Christmas decorations because house tigers just love to play with the colorful ribbons and interior decorations. But the pretty ribbons, tinsel and other decorations can quickly become dangerous for cats. Your darling could get caught in them or even swallow the materials.  Therefore you should only let cats play with ribbons under supervision. After the game the ribbons can be stored in a safe place. Swallowable small parts, as well as poisonous snow spray should at best be banned completely from the Christmas decoration. 

Make sure that the Christmas tree is fixed in a stable holder and stands securely on the ground. Never leave your treasure in a room with a Christmas tree and burning candles unattended. You should also avoid fragile glass balls. Decorate your tree with wood, straw or unbreakable plastic decorations instead.  If you like to use scented oils in winter be careful, as most aromatic oils are very unpleasant for cats. Some are even poisonous. 

Certain houseplants, which are bought gladly particularly in the wintertime, are also toxic for cats. These include cyclamen, amaryllis, clivia, poinsettia and mistletoe twigs.

Katze zu Hause


With a few small precautions and a few warm places to rest, every household is ready for a happy Advent and Christmas season. You and your velvet paw have a happy holiday season and a particularly cuddly cat Christmas.