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Most cats prefer to live in the company of a fellow cat rather than stay alone. When looking for a (new) partner for your cat(s) there are some important aspects to consider. How to find a matching partner for your darling(s). And how to socialize cats?

How to socialize cats?

  • Generation-conflict: The play and sleep-behavior of old and young cats is very different. So that your velvet paws feel neither over- nor unchallenged, you should never put kittens to senior cats in a common household. If your cat is in advanced age, you should either bring a cat of the same sex and the same age or two little kittens into your home. The new playmates should not be more than two years apart.
  • Battle of the sexes: Also the playing behaviour of male cats differs clearly from female cats. The males often prefer to play rough in contrast to lady cats. Especially after puberty there can be behavioural problems if it gets too wild for the ladies.
  • Same recognizes same: Pay close attention to the character and breed of the future housemate. If, for example, you have a quiet Persian at home, he could quickly feel overwhelmed by an energetic Siamese. Sometimes it is helpful to visit the new fellow lodger a few times before making a final decision.
  • Socialization made easy: If your pet has been without a fellow friend for a while, a well socialized cat is highly recommended as new companion. Trustworthy associations and animal shelters know their animals well and can advise you on your choice accordingly.
  • It’s all about the looks: An older shorthaired cat who has never seen a bald cat or a longhaired Persian cat before, could be irritated by the conspicuously different look of her new friend. Different races all show different body images, which must be interpreted by conspecifics. Some shorthaired cats for example perceive a particularly bushy tail as a threat.

New friendships emerge

Now that you have left behind the agony of choice and decided on one or more new feline roommates, allow them to “arrive” in a relaxed atmosphere. You should grant the newcomer(s) a save port in a separate room. Now you can put blankets, beds or toys of the resident cat(s) in this save space, so the new roommate can get used to that specific smell. Always try to stay neutral and don’t disturb the daily routine of your resident sweetheart.
Don’t pay too much attention to the newcomer, otherwise your treasure could quickly become jealous.

For cats that have lived a long time without a partner, a lattice door is useful. So the new companions can get to know each other without distress. Tip: With a food cookie or other treats on the barred door you can sweeten the initial familiarisation. It depends on the reaction of the cats when the grid door can be removed.
Having kittens, or well socialized cats, you usually can open the door at the next day. 

During the settling-in period is the best time to take a holiday. You should observe the recent behaviour of your darlings most intensive in the first time of co-residence. In the beginning, it is perfectly normal that hissing, growling or even paw strokes can occur. Let your little tigers decide their rivalry and only intervene if they start attacking each other. Additional support during the socialization is offered for example by Bach flowers or “pheromone plugs” (witch spray cat relaxation hormones in the air).

How long a successful cohabitation lasts depends on the character of the cats. In some cases a harmonious relation can be observed already after a few weeks. It is not unusual, however, if your furry little friends need several months to get used to each other. Cats are individuals and that is why patience should be the highest priority in the whole process.

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Most cats need company to lead a happy cat life. If you are looking for a companion for your velvet paw, there are a few points to consider in order to generate a harmonious coexistence. Pay particular attention to the age and sex of the new family member.