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Cats spend a large part of the day sleeping and snoozing. The cat sleeping places rotate. In other words, hardly any cat has a fixed sleeping place like we humans do. Rather, our house tigers switch between their favourite sleeping places. You can find out which they are here.

Cat sleeping places are much sought-after by our pets, as they spend a lot of time resting. Where they retire to is entirely up to the individual and you often have to spend some time searching to find a sleeping cat. However, some places are generally more popular than others.

Top 10 Cat Sleeping Places

1. High up. Cats like to have everything in view and feel safe when they can snooze out of reach.

2. Hidden, for example in the wardrobe. Do you know what it’s like when you want to put on a fresh outfit and it’s full of cat hair? Then your pet has probably hidden in the wardrobe again to sleep on the soft linen.

3. In bed. Even though most house cats have their own little beds, your bed is the nicest place to snuggle in the fluffy bedding. Plus, there’s a chance they’ll get a snuggle session with you.

4 Many house tigers also like caves. They can hide in them and take their afternoon nap undisturbed.

5. Cosy warm places. Hammocks for heating are very popular, but cats also like to rest near fireplaces and stoves. If you have underfloor heating, your darling may even just lie on the floor or a carpet.

6 Of course, boxes should not be missing from this list. Cardboard boxes and cartons have a magical attraction for our four-legged friends.

7. The window sill is also a popular place to keep an eye out for birds. It’s like television for cats and who doesn’t like to fall asleep while watching TV?

8. Places you have been. No sooner as you get up than your cat is sitting there? That’s because the place is now nice and warm and smells like you. That’s why cats like dirty laundry, because they feel comfortable with your smell. So be careful when doing the laundry, don’t let your cat end up in the washing machine. You should always be aware of these and other household hazards.

9. Of course, some cats also use the cat baskets, cat cushions, cat beds and all the sleeping arrangements made for cats that we buy for them to make them as comfortable as possible.

10. Outdoor cats often look for places in trees, in the sun or in sheltered places, such as a hay barn or similar. Do not wake a sleeping cat! Even though there is hardly anything cuter than a cat sleeping peacefully, resist the temptation and let it sleep in peace. You don’t like to be woken up either, do you? Besides, cats need a lot of sleep. You can read more about cat sleep here: Sleeping behaviour of cats

Sleeping cats should not be woken up! Even though there is hardly anything cuter than a peacefully sleeping cat, resist the temptation and let it sleep in peace. You don’t like being woken up either, do you? Besides, cats need a lot of sleep. You can find out more about cat sleep here: Cats sleep


There are many places for cats to sleep and our pets often have their very own favourite places to sleep. Observe where your cat likes to stay and make it comfortable for him. Sleep is very important for your pet.