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Does your cat need a safety guard for your balcony? How do you make your balcony safe for cats?

Cats are probably particularly curious and daring. Anyone who has a small house tiger at home knows that. Even the most comfortable specimens of these elegant animals regularly practice sneaking up on, jumping and climbing for hunting and for fun. This playful behaviour is natural and should be encouraged. On the other hand cats are individuals and even cat connoisseurs are always surprised. That’s why we love them so much.

The Cat and the balcony

Especially for domestic cats, but also for outdoor cats a balcony, a loggia or similar is a welcome extension of their own four walls. So it’s only understandable if your cuddler likes to lie there in the sun, watch butterflies, play or just look around. Because in the fresh air they can hear nature sounds, like birdsong and can perceive new smells. In addition, the weather provides variety. Even prey, such as flies or leaves, can be caught on the balcony.

If you live on a higher floor and are worried that your cat might not only make a run for it, but might even be in danger if you try to jump down, you don’t have to ban it from the balcony immediately. With simple tricks, you can protect your darling and let him play around without worrying.

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Pay attention to the behaviour

Observe your cat’s behaviour and pay attention to her body language: Does your cat give the impression that she wants to jump on the balcony railing at any price? Build her small stairs or provide an easily accessible and safe viewpoint. As soon as your cat realizes that from her point of view it is impossible for her to reach a new destination unharmed, she is most likely to abandon the mission. Especially daredevil kittens can always give you new fright moments, but that’s in their nature. After all, cats are perfect acrobats and can trust their senses. If the balcony is still too high or unsafe for your house tiger, take care of a suitable alternative to the balcony ban. The right grid or net will ideally protect your cat from unnecessary dangers.

Grid, safety net or without?

  • Cat net: Pay attention to the mesh distance, with slim cats this should not be larger than 3-4cm. For tall cats 5-6cm are enough. Attention rental apartment: Often there are restrictions, because facades must look uniform or you may not attach any hooks. Better ask beforehand.
  • Mats made of bast, straw or similar materials provide protection to cover the balcony and create an additional scratching and climbing surface that will also give your furry friend new play opportunities.
  • Secure windows: Tilted windows quickly become a danger to life. Secure your windows with a window lock.
  • Balcony door: A gust of wind can cause the door to close, so be sure to fix it so your cat doesn’t get trapped.

Look at your balcony with cat’s eyes: Where could she escape, where is there a hole left or the net not well stretched? What could make me happier?

Balcony design

A scratching tree on the balcony, for example, offers both a stable lookout tower and an outdoor resting place. There should always be a shady spot available. Maybe you have the possibility to set a meadow or lay the floor with different materials (wood, stones, …) to offer variety. When planting, be careful not to grow anything poisonous. Fruit trees or herbs are quite suitable. If your cat nibbles on everything, you should probably do without the planting completely. In general, it is advisable to design the balcony with materials on which your cat can move freely and find firm support.

If you still have worries, you should consider carefully which protection is best for your balcony. Too thin, sharp or poorly fixed grilles could cause injury. Don’t be surprised if your cat is just ignoring the new things. Once she has got used to the redesign she will never want to be without a balcony again.

A balcony quickly becomes a paradise for velvet paws, but always pay attention to the right protection. Because even if your cat has never made an effort to jump out or down, there is always a first time.



Those who live on the upper floor will soon be worried that their velvet paws could, when trying to chase an insect or bird, accidentally jump over the terrain, fall or slide down. So if you ask yourself, “Do I need a protective grid when I have a balcony?”, it’s not just active behavioral research that’s on the agenda, but also finding the best protection for your cat and balcony. If you have a cat that’s particularly cocky, we recommend using a grating that can’t be used as a climbing frame and gives your pet stupid ideas.