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Water means life. A sufficient water supply is therefore also of great importance for our graceful velvet paws, as otherwise health problems can occur. However, it often happens that our beloved cuddly tigers drink significantly too little. A cat fountain can provide relief.

How useful is a cat fountain?

When asked how useful it is to purchase an (additional) drinking fountain for cats, the answer is: very useful, because cats often drink far too little water. As a rule, they should drink 10-50ml per kilogram of body weight per day. More if your darling eats mainly dry food, it is very hot or your cat is very active. What are the advantages of a cat fountain?

– Especially very drinking lazy cats are animated to drink more, because cats in nature prefer mainly running water to drink.

– Water-loving cats are also stimulated to play by the flowing water. A waterproof surface is recommended, otherwise you would have to constantly chase your cat with a mop. 

– Your cat will always find fresh and, above all, clean water.

– At the fountain, the cat can drink without its whiskers touching the edge – as with the bowl.

– Splashing water has a calming effect on many people and enhances the atmosphere at home. Thus, a splashing cat fountain replaces the purchase of an indoor fountain.

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Which cat fountains are available?

The choice of available models is quite large, the principle of operation is usually the same. Water flows from an opening into a collection tray and is pumped up again, thus creating a constant water cycle. Nevertheless, there are differences in terms of materials and features:

– Materials: they are available in stainless steel, plastic and ceramic. Those made of ceramic have the advantage of standing more robustly, are more scratch-resistant, more hygienic and easier to clean.

– Power supply: Cat fountains can be either electricity or battery powered.

– Capacity: some fountains are filled with about 500 ml, others even several liters.

– Filter: many of the fountains have a water filter, which filters the water – as the word suggests – from impurities. In the case of filters, there are also different variants: foam filter, activated carbon filter, water-hardening filter with dual function, long-hair filter, and many others.

– Special features: Some models allow you to adjust the bubble strength, and others again advertise that they are particularly quiet and energy efficient. Some have a motion sensor and even a built-in night light, some enrich the water with oxygen and others cool the water. Whether it really needs these features, it remains to be seen. Your favorite on four paws should be animated to drink more, this goal is also met by the not quite so expensive models.

How often do you need to change the water in the cat fountain?

Since dust, hair and other impurities collect in the water, a cat fountain with a filter should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week and filled with fresh water. A complete change of the filter should be done once a month.

Regular descaling – with vinegar or lemon juice – should also be done once a week. Please do not use harsh chemicals that could endanger the health of your furry friend.

If the fountain does not have a filter, clean the device every 2-3 days. The water should also be changed more frequently, of course.

Where is the best location for a cat fountain?

In nature, cats usually do not drink in places where they also eat. Reasons for this are possible contamination of the water, for example, by blood or the like of their prey. Likewise, the fountain should not be located near the litter box.

Choose a quiet, always accessible and protected location for the cat fountain.

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A cat fountain makes perfect sense if you want your cat to drink more water. After all, the natural flowing movement of the water has an animating effect. When choosing a model, fountains with filters clearly have the lead, because they clean the water continuously. Otherwise, it all depends on your wallet and the preferences of your cat.