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This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

A cat from a farm: What is there for cat lovers to consider? If you’re thinking about taking a sweet cat from the farm home with you, there are all sorts of things to consider. Just when the new home is a city apartment, you should be patient and provide for sufficient resting places, The little tramp not only has to get used to a new life situation, but also to a new more hectic environment. TOBALIE will be happy to give you tips on how a kitten can get used to a live as a House cat.

Cats love Freedom

That’s why you should try to still the kittens fears of the journey into the unknown through perceptible serenity and understanding when moving to your new home. Observe the behaviour of the cat and try, if necessary, with toys or short stops to cheer the cat up. You don’t always do the dear little animals a favour by reeducating them into flat cats. Those who remain patient and take a lot of time for the settling-in period will be rewarded: In the best case you get a happy companion  full of natural curiosity and zest for action.

Cats from the farm are used to have constant access to the open air and to be able to play around the clock right from the cradle. A Cat from the farm is accustomed to a living in nature and they are often already active hunters. Therefore, it can be hard for the cuddly ones to reach a limited area, missing play companions and get used to regular daily routines.

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Home sweet Home

A house with garden or an apartment with balcony would be an ideal condition for a cat from the farm. The limited access to the nature can also be compensated with small walks, a cat leash is highly recommended here, or excursions into the countryside.

Ideally, you can play with your new playmate directly at the farm in the first place. That way you can get to know each other in a neutral and relaxed environment before you finally bring the new pet to your new home.

During the settling-in period, less often means more. Too narrow, full rooms can be quite irritating for the freshly baked house tiger. Basic things like food place, cat litter, scratching tree and sufficient toys must of course nevertheless be available. Little by little you can then begin to work together to explore the other rooms. Give your cat enough time to get to know you better. Then your furry roommate will soon trust you and start conquering the new environment.

Dangers to watch out for

Caution is nevertheless called for. Especially if you already have an animal living with you, you have to be careful. Don’t bring home any diseases or parasites. On farm kittens there might be mites, fleas & worms, which need to be treated before the newcomer can be allowed to sniff at the rest of the family. You should also have a check at the a vet if your new family member has any infectious illnesses, such as cat cold, cat disease or FIP. Otherwise you would endanger your pets unnecessarily.

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If you want to have a cat from the farm, you should first make comprehensively enquiries. Check with your vet about possible diseases and illnesses. You need to take precautions before you pick up your velvet paw. Ask the farmer to what conditions the cat is accustomed to and find out about the Health condition of the kitten. Dubious providers are not advisable in any case. If once you have decided on a cat from the farm, get practical tips and advice on how to get gently and lovingly through the acclimatisation phase. TOBALIE wishes you and your new pet cosy summer days.