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Respectful dog training - courses in small groups & individual training


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For me, a dog is neither a status symbol nor a substitute for a partner or children. As a sentient being, he is a friend and a full member of the family.
I do not demand absolute cadaver obedience from my dogs. They are family dogs and like me, they have their little quirks and can live with them.
That is why I have specialized in the training of family dogs. The dog is allowed to keep its character, but also learns everything it needs to know in everyday life. And of course he has to learn to follow certain rules - just like all other family members...
I work with positive reinforcement, not punishment, and for me a good bond with the dog is the key to harmonious coexistence.

On the beautiful grounds of my new course near Weiz
as an experienced trainer, I can offer courses, workshops, individual training and behavioral advice as well as dog play lessons.
Through my years of work with problem dogs (since 2008) and my intensive Initial and continuing education
I am happy to pass on the knowledge I have acquired to anyone who is interested in training and further education.
In addition to the everyday courses, I also offer 4-day special courses on certain topics, such as walking on a leash or recall.
I have now specialized in the subject of encounter training with dogs and humans.


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