• Non-hunting training
  • Non-toxic bait training
  • Medical Training

Modern animal training in Carinthia & Online!

Paw training takes place where you need it. Not on a dog training ground, but in the middle of everyday life. Because this is the only way to make dogs really safe in everyday life.

For dog training I offer the following:

- Everyday fitness training (individual or group training)

- Medical Training / relaxed visits to the vet

- Anti-toxic bait training

- Anti-hunting training

- Concentration training

- Puppy training / socialization

- Social walks

For cat training I offer the following:

- Cat behaviour counselling

- Medical Training / relaxed visits to the vet

- Merging of dog & cat

- Advice on species-appropriate employment

- Purchase of a cat

- Selection of the cat(s) that suits you

- Apartment as cat paradise

In addition to that I have Online-classes and E-Books, however, right now they are available only in german.


  • German
  • English

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