Petra Ott - Katzen - Verhaltensexpertin

The cat whisperer Petra Ott

I am a certified animal coach and cat expert and I am daily on duty with cat parents who have problems with their cat. All behavioural problems result from a stressful situation that the cat experiences. Be it from its socialization phase, its current environment or from an illness. I, Petra Ott can help you and your cat. Because it's easy to change a few things and then it's harmonious again in the cat's household. Often a phone call or a house call is enough!

Because uncleanliness, aggressions, cat bullying, rolling skin, pica syndrome, nightly restlessness, discarding behaviour, pushy behaviour, scratching, separating the cats forever and ever, giving the cat away, bringing the cat down with medication, letting the cat be fat and much more does not have to be!

The aCATemy-Petra Ott's cat school offers all cat lovers education and training in the form of workshops and courses with trainers, but also online courses.


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