campus canum Hundetraining

Dog training and behavioral counseling in St. Margarethen in Burgenland


  • companion dogs
  • social competence/ encounter training
  • Action - Calmness/ Emotional balance

I help dog owners to build up a good bond with their four-legged friends and thus to get through the often hectic everyday life without stress.

This is the right place for you if you are looking for respectful, non-violent and yet effective dog training. I will respond to every difficulty and every problem. Nobody needs to be embarrassed here.

With me you will learn in a stress-free environment how to read your dog's signals better and you will be able to help your dog out of difficult situations.

You will receive individually adapted training, from individual lessons to small groups of max. 5 human dog teams.

This small group size ensures that I can respond to each individual team and I can adapt to your wishes or problems.

Each team is individually encouraged and supported.

You never stop learning!

I help you to find the right training program for you and your dog, so that you both have fun and can learn from each other.

I love my job because it is the most beautiful thing for me to see how people form a unit with their dogs step by step and how people who for various reasons seek my help joyfully come closer and closer to their goal.


  • German
  • English

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