Tierheim Bruck / Leitha

Welcome to the Bruck an der Leitha shelter!


The animal protection association Tierheim Bruck an der Leitha is responsible for animals in the (old) district of Bruck that are without a family, abandoned, lost, injured or confiscated by the authorities.

Our animals are close to our hearts. In order to provide them with the best possible support during their time at the shelter, we work together with veterinarians from the Bruck district and obtain professional advice from qualified animal welfare coaches. Respect for the creatures entrusted to us, for their needs and their history characterises our mission statement. Our employees and volunteers follow this model, as do the veterinarians and dog trainers who treat them.

Medical care and treatment, food plans, training plans and strict allocation rules should prepare our protégés for their lives with their families in the best possible way.

The socialisation and resocialisation of dogs and cats is given great importance and a lot of time. The animal shelter Bruck works together with animal welfare qualified trainers from the region. We train exclusively non-violently and according to the latest scientific findings.

The animal shelter Bruck commits itself not to put any animal to sleep, except in order to spare the animal, as stipulated in the TschG, irreparable torments.

We do not buy animals from breeders, private persons, multipliers or from abroad. All animals are, if possible, castrated before being awarded. No animals will be released for breeding by the Brucker Tierheim.

Further training and the reading of relevant literature around the well-being of dogs and cats are natural for us.

Our dogs walk daily in the beautiful Harrachpark. Especially during the week we are looking for volunteers. If you would like to go for a walk with one of our dogs, please call us during our opening hours at 02162/ 65 426.  Our dogs are looking forward to seeing you!


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