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Sustainable premium dog & cat food from napani

Dogs are our passion, from a very young age. Our four-legged daughter Kaeira gives us an incredible amount of joy and love every day. For this she needs the best nutrition she can get.

We have been looking for dog-food that meets our super high expectations. And we found it in napani ... Now we also bring it to Austria for YOU.

A lot of training and experience makes us secure. We offer your darling healthy, extremely delicious food ... and make sure that our world does not end.

napani comes from "naturalis pro animal", Latin "natural for the animal!" .... We want a good life for your pet .... and for all animals.

Since 2015 napani develops in our family business high-quality premium dog food. BIO is not enough for us! We want balanced, but nature conscious. Therefore we use about 35% high quality meat/fish, lots of vegetables, fruit, vitamins and minerals. Everything your dog needs. Produced according to really tasty, home-made recipes and with extremely good ingredients. Developed with our veterinary nutrition expert.


Only as much animal protein as necessary and as little as possible! We use only the best natural and organic meat with about 35% content and also produce vegan dog food. All carefully composed by our veterinary nutrition expert.


Balanced healthy pure natural dog food and organic dog food. The ingredients are produced without pesticides, artificial fertilizers, genetic manipulation and factory farming. Produced naturally without any preservatives and additives and without sugar.


We love our dogs and we are convinced that the basis of a healthy life is a natural and high quality diet adapted to the needs of your pet.


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