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I am Claudia Cafuta - animal expert with knowledge, experience and heart

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Moin, my name is Claudia Cafuta and people come to me to learn the way to a harmonious relationship with their darling, both preventively and in acute or chronic psychological and / or organic issues. I have been successfully working as an animal health energy expert for 11 years and have helped numerous pet owners to better understand their pet, release energetic blockages and thus strengthen the pet's health. I get my personal motivation from my love for nature and animals. With great curiosity I am constantly improving my therapy methods. I love my work because I want to inspire people again to listen more to their animals and to look at what they want to show them. The secret is to dissolve both the animal's and the human's stress. This is what I stand for. In September 2020 I participated in a Speaker Slam in Berlin and won an award and achieved a world record. The topic was "Animals talk to the one who listens."

There are so many little levers you can turn to improve the animal-human relationship and, in turn, the health of the animal. It is easy when they meet their animal in a completely new way and thus create a healthy relationship.


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