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The well-being of my patients is particularly close to my heart.

Of course, the perfect restoration of health is the primary goal, in cases where this is not possible due to age or other factors, I work with many alternative methods in addition to the conventional medical therapy approach.

The alternative healing methods I use include chiropractic, physiotherapy, Bach flowers, homeopathy, kinesiology and massage. Chiropractic in particular has proven itself time and again with older animals, but it is also very helpful with young horses so that they can grow straight, so that later problems can be prevented very well.

I see myself not only as a school doctor but also as a feel-good veterinarian in order to give older or permanently disabled animals a life worth living.

Chiropractic for animals

Chiropractic is a manual method of treatment that restores the mobility of all joints, in particular the spine. The full mobility of the spine is necessary to avoid muscle tension and faulty information conduction of the nerves that emerge between the vertebrae. A lack of mobility is called a blockage. These blockages have many causes.

Chiropractic treatment should not be seen as a substitute for conventional medicine, but as an effective supplement!

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