About me and my offer


  • Dog Fitness/K9 Movement Training
  • Massage
  • underwater treadmill

I, Iris, have dedicated my life to dogs and dog sports since 1988.

After the dog virus never let go of me, I attended numerous further training courses and tried out different training approaches with my four-legged darlings again and again and led each of them in dog sports.

Finally, a few years ago, I incorporated not only the sporting side of training, but also the training of the musculoskeletal system into various training courses.

My main pillars besides the sportive training are:

- Massage,

- underwater treadmill,

- Fitness/K9 movement training:

  This training includes several areas that are individually adapted to each dog.

  Puppy/young dog

  Adult dog

  Overweight dog


  targeted muscle development

  Training support.

- stabilisation/coordination outdoor training.

- Everyday training

- movement training

- puppy counselling

- veterinary training

- behavioural training


  • German
  • English

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