Georgian Mountain Dog

Life expectancy

11 years

Age adult

30 months

Height (Shoulder height)

63 cm


48 kg

Coat texture

medium length / undercoat / dense

Coat color

all colors

Common illnesses

dysplasia of the hip joint

Food expenses per month in €

about € 90

Suitable for children

Rather not

Needs a garden

Rather yes

Hunting motivated / needs alternative employment

Rather not

First dog suitable

Rather not

Allergy friendly

Rather not




Needs more attention

Care and grooming

Low grooming effort

Eager to learn



Needs a lot of exercise


robust / alert / territorial / protective / independent / readiness to defend / mistrustful of strangers

Bred for

watchdog / livestock guardian dog

Common illnesses

dysplasia of the hip joint

Dog type according to FCI

not FCI approved

FCI description

Not FCI Approved

Short description

The Georgian Mountain Dog protects flocks and farms from two- and four-legged thieves. He has a very distinct protective instinct, subsequently he needs good socialization and a firm training. He is not suitable for city-life and beginners. He prefers the outdoors and would need a big but fenced garden.

This information is indicative and adheres to the breed standard. Each animal is an individual and has a personal character, as well as its own needs. Thus, a breed is not a guarantee of certain behaviors, etc.