Life expectancy

12 years

Age adult

19 months

Height (Shoulder height)

50 cm


30 kg

Coat texture

long-haired / coarse-haired / dense / tail feathered

Coat color

all colors, various combinations and patterns

Common illnesses

dysplasia of the hip joint / Distichia / Sebaceous adenitis

Food expenses per month in €

about € 68

Suitable for children

Rather not

Needs a garden

Rather not

Hunting motivated / needs alternative employment

Rather not

First dog suitable

Rather not

Allergy friendly

Rather not




Needs much attention

Care and grooming

Low grooming effort

Eager to learn



Needs a lot of exercise


quick and eager to learn / friendly / balanced / alert / active / intelligent / peaceful

Bred for

watchdog / companion dog

Common illnesses

dysplasia of the hip joint / Distichia / Sebaceous adenitis

Dog type according to FCI

not FCI approved

FCI description

Not FCI Approved

Short description

The Elo is the product of crossbreeding old English Sheepdog, Chow chow and Eurasian dog. This corssbreeding had the goal of getting a meduim sized, family-friendly dog. The name Elo is protected and there is a special breed club for this breed, only individuals from this breed club are allowed to be called Elo. This breed is independent and friendls, but needs a firm but soft training.

This information is indicative and adheres to the breed standard. Each animal is an individual and has a personal character, as well as its own needs. Thus, a breed is not a guarantee of certain behaviors, etc.