Ural Rex Longhair

Life expectancy

14 years




5 kg

Coat texture

medium length / undercoat / silky / curly / dense / wavy

Coat color

all colors and patterns allowed with or without white, except chocolate and cinnamon

Common illnesses

high risk of inbreeding

Food expenses per month in €

about € 48

Suitable for children

Rather yes

Compatible with other animals

Rather not

First cat suitable

Rather yes

Needs a balcony

Rather not

Needs to go free

Rather not




Needs much attention

Care and grooming

Medium grooming effort


intelligent / playful / social / attached / eager to learn / social / focused on humans / relaxed

Common illnesses

high risk of inbreeding

Place of origin


Short description

Characteristic for the Ural Rex Longhair is her curly coat. She is human-oriented and very social. Keeping other cats besides her is recommended, because she needs a lot of attention and devotion. She is constantly on a hunt for cuddles and also demands mental challenges.

This information is indicative and adheres to the breed standard. Each animal is an individual and has a personal character, as well as its own needs. Thus, a breed is not a guarantee of certain behaviors, etc.