Brasilian Shorthair

Life expectancy

15 years




4.5 kg

Coat texture


Coat color

alle Farben und Muster außer Point all colors and patterns except point

Common illnesses

this breed has no typical diseases

Food expenses per month in €

about € 48

Suitable for children

Rather yes

Compatible with other animals

Rather not

First cat suitable

Rather yes

Needs a balcony

Rather not

Needs to go free

Rather yes




Needs more attention

Care and grooming

Low grooming effort


playful / cuddly / social / fond of peace and quiet / likes to observe / attentive

Common illnesses

this breed has no typical diseases

Place of origin


Short description

The Brasilian Shorthair likes to sit on higher objects to observe her environment. She is rather shy, but can become really attached with sufficient attention. She is intelligent and has a balanced nature. She likes to playfully acquire new tricks. The Brasilian Shorthair has no undercoat.

This information is indicative and adheres to the breed standard. Each animal is an individual and has a personal character, as well as its own needs. Thus, a breed is not a guarantee of certain behaviors, etc.