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Our Philosophy

TOBALIE was founded to offer a central and competent source of information for all animal lovers. With all important information for a species-appropriate pet keeping.

TOBALIE is an austrian company, which would like to stop the many misinformation about animal friendly pet keeping.

To ensure this, TOBALIE works hand in hand with certified experts in the animal welfare industry.


The founders

Nathalie & Tobias

Behind the idea of TOBALIE are the two founders Dipl. dog psychologist Nathalie Sari & Ing. Tobias Amesberger, from whose name the brand TOBALIE is derived.

Their own dog Lucy, a mixed-breed dog from an animal rescue center, and Nathalie's many years of professional experience as a dog psychologist prompted the two to go online with TOBALIE in June 2019. Sadly there is still much too much misinformation circulating around out pets on the net, which is often outdated and anything but species-appropriate.

With TOBALIE we would like to change this situation for the well-being of the animals in a positive and sustainable way. We support animal lovers with passion and expertise in all animal-related matters.


People sometimes have very high expectations of their pets. For a lot of them they should "function" and adapt, whereby their own needs often get a raw deal in our hectic everyday life. This is exactly where TOBALIE steps in, because a peaceful living together is only possible through mutual respect and with the appropriate knowledge about our pets.

- Dipl. dog psychologist Nathalie Sari


Team & Management

Our creative minds behind TOBALIE in the marketing, design, development and customer management departments work daily on new enhancements around TOBALIE to provide added value for pet owners and experts alike.

Not to forget our Lucy, who brings a smile to the face of our entire team every day and is irreplaceable when we test new products in our online store for their quality.

It is our goal to offer all animal lovers a central and competent contact point around the keeping of pets, to convey scientifically founded knowledge and to clean up with continuous fake news of the pet industry.

Therefore we work closely with certified experts of the animal industries, who are guaranteed to work in a species-appropriate and animal welfare compliant manner and share our philosophy. TOBALIE offers pet owners both the advantages of an animal portal, and direct contact to certified experts in the various animal industries.


THE TOBALIE animal seal

For more transparency in the pet market

TOBALIE established at the end of 2019 an animal protection seal, which presents approved experts of the animal industry. Our partners pursue clearly defined industry-specific guidelines, which accompany with our philosophy. Thus we ensure that all our experts on TOBALIE are guaranteed to work species-appropriate, animal welfare compliant and transparent.

partner seal