TOBALIE was founded in order to offer all animal lovers a central and competent contact point where you can obtain all important information from one source. On the platform you will not only find information about dogs and cats, but soon also about rodents, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

TOBALIE is focused on animal husbandry that is appropriate to the species and animal welfare.TOBALIE accompanies you from the first thought of an animal, a lifetime. You can save your medical findings and keep a better eye on the health of your favourite. You get tips and tricks for the ideal education, nutrition and everyday life. So your pet can feel comfortable. Everyone wants to build a happy and long-term relationship with their pet. For this reason, TOBALIE offers a lot of information that helps to strengthen this relationship to enable people and animals to live happily together.

TOBALIE offers you the best possible advice and support. One of the company’s characteristics is an extensive network of experts who can help with specific questions. All experts can be found in our PET MAP.

Who’s behind TOBALIE ?

We are motivated and full of passion! We are a team! We share knowledge and create value! We are the change we want to see in the world! We are completely independent! We are TOBALIE !

TOBALIE is based on a grounded team of young people who have set themselves the goal of making the world a little more beautiful. On our way we want to take care of those who have stood by us since the beginning of time. Those who have given indescribably beautiful moments to many of us and are a faithful partner in every situation. We take care of pets of all kinds and origins.

Day after day we do our best to support people in dealing with their loyal companions. To make a species-appropriate and harmonious relationship possible, in order to promote a happy and loving togetherness preventively as well as on a long-term basis.

. . . for human and animal !