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The current situation regarding the corona virus affects all of us. That's why we created our video channel - to exchange information online, to occupy pets in a meaningful way and at the same time learn something about them. So we regularly upload videos for you, with lots of inspiration for the appropriate occupation of your pet. So stay health, make yourself comfortable at home and join in!



Our philosophy

species-appropriate, transparent, pet friendly

We support all animal lovers in any animal-related matters, with advice and assistance throughout the animal's life. In order to make this possible, we have built up a network of certified experts. Together with our experts from different areas, we ensure more transparency on the pet market and want to communicate knowledge. Together we stand for animal welfare and species-appropriate animal husbandry, where humans and animals live in harmony

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With our animal portal, we are at the side of all animal lovers for all matters concerning their own pets. No matter whether you first want to find out about the possibilities of buying a pet, the puppy has recently moved in or you are looking for employment opportunities for your cat... Here you will find an answer specialist articles in our magazine every week, browse through our species-appropriate online shop and discover our experts.

Who is behind TOBALIE? A few words about us...

Behind TOBALIE is a 12-headed team of motivated, young people who have made it their task to create a platform for animal lovers, which puts the well-being of animals in the foreground and conveys knowledge. No matter whether you are still looking for a suitable pet, you are already an animal keeper or would like to be part of our partner network... We look forward to giving you advice and support! An animal life long.

Approved quality: 100% species-appropriate & animal loving

Why do we attach so much importance to tested quality? We are aware of the high responsibility of an information platform on the internet. Because as first-time dog keepers we too used to make "mistakes", we too have looked for solutions on the internet and may have come across one or the other questionable method. That is exactly why it is so important for us to start here and to offer a platform to those pet keepers and experts who support and share our view of species-appropriate pet keeping. In this context we wish you a lot of fun browsing!


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